Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Profit With Jessica Scam

About 10 days back while surfing the net I am across a banner on a popular news site saying, "Computer Newbie Makes $135.92 in 15 minutes".. I thought what the heck I've seen these style banners before, "lets see if its really possible!"

My name is Robert Michaels, an I'm fairly computer literate, but by no means do I really know how computers work. I use the internet dailiy, word now and again and excel about once every 6 months!

My purpose was to see if this system could actually make me a few dollars or if it was just a dirty scam..and I thought why not blog about it!

So I clicked the banner and was directed to the Profit With Jessica system. Lets get into it, Profit With Jessica Scam? lets found out! I was taken to the sign up page were I was offered a free trial period upon signup, and was told going forward I could cancell my membership at anytime. I liked the sound of that, but my only concern wether the imputting of my credit card details would result in any fraudulant activity!

I did a little research on the company that handles the credit card processing and I must say they seemed to have a very solid track record.. Good start, so I keyed in my card details..and crossed my fingers. I might add at this time I signed up with a 2nd credit card in order to test there refund policy. 10 minutes after entering my details the phone rung with the Profit With Jessica support team giving me a call to say hello and welcome to the program! Very impressed indeed. Regarding that 2nd transaction I made, I waited 2 days then called the support number and after 2 question asking why I would like to cancel the program they said no problem and processed my request, sure enough 5 days later the money was returned to my card! Very impressed again..

Ok, so it does seem that this Profit With Jessica Scam actually isn't a scam at all, the processing seems rock solid and they're willing to give you a refund whenever you ask!Really looking positive.

But, can Profit With Jessica really make me some extra income? After my initial sign up, I was taken to the members area, and a big members area at that! Well laid out, and easy to follow at least I thought. There were approx 10 steps available to the members, I saw a return on my spend at as soon as I had completed step 1, which required me to pay an additional $10 U.S dollars but, literally within 10 minutes I had made $25 in commissions! This really got me pumped up, the next step then showed me how to generate further commissions of $25 each, without that $10 spend, the program was automatically integrated with Facebook and Twitter and within 2 days had made a further $75 commissions from it! I then moved onto the email side of this step, which at first didn't return any results..However I tweaked my email to a slightly "stronger" sales pitch, and bang 2 further sales showed up!  So not bad at all I must say approx 10 days into the Profit With Jessica system (and only putting in about an hour a day) and I had already made $150! It wasn't the $135.92 in 15minutes like the banner had promised me, but it was pretty good and I knew there was potential to make more!

So to wrap it up..

So far i really can't complain about this program at all, I'm making some sales and am only 2 steps into the program..I'll definitely update this blog as I progress through the steps or I find something worth noting! But for the meantime the Profit With Jessica Scam, is definetly not a scam at all!

If you would like to visit the Profit With Jessica system, you can do so by clicking on the below link.

- Click here to visit Profit With Jessica -